Rbi Premium Medical Plus Expat Membership Program Information

Medical Plus Expat Membership Program

An overview

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    Our Medical Plus Expat Membership is designed for those who want peace of mind whilst living and working overseas but don’t mind paying for small medical incidents themselves.

    The Medical Plus Expat Membership allows for full inpatient and outpatient protection with a US$500 threshold on individual outpatient claims.

    Families are embraced under the same US$5 million umbrella to create family savings and make membership more affordable.

    Emergency Dental covers each of you for US$500 and upon completion of a clean bill of dental health this increases to US$5000 pa.

    Travel Cover is also included, is worldwide and includes emergency evacuation, medical cover, loss and theft of personal belongings, protection against damage to property and the usual travel related inconveniences.

    All Medical Plus Members are furnished with a T24 MediPay Visa card with a US$50,000 limit and is valued at US$430. Direct payment for claims will be made to this card.

    Members will also gain access to the Rbi 24/7 Clinic which includes an electronic health record, an online medical advisory service and access to English speaking doctors via a call back service anywhere in the world.

    There are no hidden costs, no country restrictions and no hidden conditions. Simply pay your annual membership.

    Membership is annually renewable and premiums are guaranteed to only increase with the CPI (Consumer Price Index)

    Medical Plus procedures must be followed for claims to be valid.

    Medical Plus Expat Membership Privileges Include:

    • T24 Blackshield MediPay Visa Card
    • In Patient Benefits
    • Out Patient Benefits (US$500 Threshold) 1
    • Rbi 24/7 Clinic
    • Electronic Health Record presented by Doctor Global
    • Emergency Dental Benefits 2
    • Dental Benefits 3
    • Full Travel Benefits
    • Electronic Luggage Tags
    • Emergency Evacuation Services
    • Concierge Travel Service

    1 The threshold is in place to reduce small claims, however, if your outpatient needs are in excess of US$500, you will be paid in full.
    2 This is for the short-term action to relieve oral pain. Up to US$500.
    3 Upon completion of a dental check.


    Receive a loyalty bonus that can be redeemed towards your renewal provided no claims have been made on your membership during the year.

    Your spouse can be included on your membership for a fraction of the usual cost.

    Your children can be included in your membership for less than a dollar a day each.

    There is 1 plan available within Medical Plus Expat.

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